Why are we building another job board

Almost everyone in this country asks how can I help? Bringing applicants and companies together is our core competence. Employers have given their approval for publication on the platform for every single job advertisement that is published here on the site. We hope to be able to make a contribution here so that new fellow citizens can quickly integrate into society.

A donation can also help

In addition to the job offers, we wanted to create a way to provide help quickly and conveniently. You can also make a donation, for which we have set up a separate page at betterplace.org.

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As a working group of wide-ranging job exchanges, we would like to use our popularity to offer new perspectives to as many people as possible on the run through this campaign. Be sure to share this site with your family and friends as well. Everyone can contribute - even a simple forwarding of the platform can help!



  • Of course, the jobs are aimed at everyone, we don't make any distinctions between skin color, language, origin or gender. The advertised positions are open to everyone.